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High Resolution Flow Microscopy – ImageStream X (ISX): Cell Biology, Biochemistry

  • Classical biochemical techniques are often employed to measure location and co-location of molecules, tasks ideally suited for Amnis imaging flow cytometry system. Examples include molecular translocation of transcription factors from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, trafficking of molecules to sub-cellular organelles, co-localization of proteins on, in, or between cells, just to name a few. The Amnis imaging flow cytometry’s ability to obtain statistically robust per-cell measurements of probe location and co-localization within highly heterogenous samples provides significant advances that complement and extend traditional biochemical research.
  • NF-kB translocation in T:APC conjugates
  • Co-localization of an antibody-drug conjugate to endosomes or lysosomes
  • FRET using the ImageStream for detection of protein-protein interactions
  • Because cell differentiation often involves a dramatic metamorphosis of the stem cell into a committed cell lineage, Amnis imaging flow cytometry is ideally suited for these types of studies. Whether by measuring the location of proteins that help stem cells maintain pluripotency or by quantifying signaling events that lead toward differentiation down a committed cell line, the ability of Amnis imaging flow cytometry to analysis large numbers of cells simplifies identification and classification of rare stem cell populations.
  • Erythroid differentiation


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