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High Resolution Flow Microscopy – ImageStream X (ISX): Oncology

The field of Oncology is largely concerned with elucidating how cancers develop and how best to develop therapies to treat them. Oncologists commonly employ microscopy not only to identify and classify cancer cells, but also to identify the fragmented nuclei of apoptotic cells treated with a chemotherapeutic drug, or to visualize the binding and subsequent internalization and trafficking of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Amnis imaging flow cytometry is ideally suited to these types of studies, and gives the added benefit of combining immunophenotyping with quantitative morphometric measurements that can be applied to identifying rare sub-populations of potentially metastatic cells, including circulating tumor cells (CTC).

  • Co-localization of an antibody-drug conjugate to endosomes or lysosomes: The high spatial resolution afforded by the ImageStream system allowed accurate measurement of ADC co-localization to endosomes and lysosomes.
  • Apoptotic index: By measuring the area and the intensities of the brightest portions of the nuclear image, the bright, punctate nuclear imagery of apoptotic cells can be distinguished from the evenly stained nuclear imagery of a normal, healthy nucleus. This makes possible the automated identification of apoptotic nuclear morphology.
Co-localization of an antibody-drug conjugate to endosomes or lysosomes
Colocalization of an antibody-drug conjugate to endosomes or lysosomes detail
Apoptotic index using the ImageStream
Apoptotic index image detail


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