The goal of drug discovery is to find well-qualified candidate drugs expected to provide therapeutic benefit. Use of relevant and information-rich assays can rapidly eliminate candidates that either do not affect the appropriate response or cause some unforeseen lethality, and can save drug companies time and money that is often wasted pursuing clinical trials with flawed drug candidates. Many of Amnis imaging flow cytometry’s applications are ideally suited for characterizing drug candidates, including cell signaling, cell-cell interactions, chemokine-induced shape change, cell death, co-localization, and phagocytosis, to name a few. Furthermore, these applications work with primary cells such as whole blood leukocytes and can often be multiplexed.


Analysis of Complement 3b deposition on Rituximab opsonized cells using ImageStream®Multispectral Imaging Cytometry

Multiplexing Signal Transduction Measurement on the ImageStreamfor High Content Analysis and High Throughput

Analysis of Intracellular Molecular Trafficking using ImageStream®Multispectral Imaging

Measuring Shape Change in Monocytes