Plant research has advanced greatly in the era of biotechnology.

Plants are used as models in the basic research of various scientific enquiries, but even more so, plants are the target of continuous development and improvement towards increased crop yield and resistance to different stress conditions.

In academic plant research, as well as in the frame of adaptive, precision agriculture, there is a growing need for close monitoring of different growth-related and physiological parameters in the plant, as well as for precise, quantitative phenotyping of the plant under various treatments and conditions.

Plant research and development begins at the molecular level, with monitoring and phenotyping expanding from the single-cell, through the whole plant from root to tip, up to the field and orchard levels.

This requires imaging capabilities at different magnitudes, resolutions and light spectra, along with advanced image analysis capabilities.

Merkel Technologies offers excellent solutions in the scope of plant imaging, as well as a wide range of solutions for the measurement of physiological parameters in the plant: from hand held devices, through imaging cabinets and up to imaging and measurement in the field.

Merkel Technologies is proud to assist the current acceleration in the field of plant sciences, and to be in the forefront of implementation of excellent new technologies for plant sciences.



Epi-fluorescence emission images of GFP-transgenic and non-transgenic N. benthamiana leaf samples