The ImageStreamX Mark II combines the speed, statistical power, and
fluorescence sensitivity of flow cytometry with the functional insights
of high resolution microscopy to give you the most insightful cell analysis possible.


The Mark II can analyze up to 5,000 cells/sec with real-time intensity compensation — ideal for very rare cell analysis.

The all-new, intuitive user interface provides real-time plotting and graphical gating, as well as images of every cell. The easy-to-use compensation wizard quickly guides you through setup of multi-color compensation matrices.

The Mark II accepts up to 7 lasers and works with sample volumes of 20-200 ul for added experimental flexibility — perfect for multi-user laboratories.

Improved fluidics provide up to 95% sample utilization. Unused sample can be recovered for further analysis.



Cell Signaling and Molecular Translocation

Measure translocation of transcription factors or membrane proteins.


Measure the internalization of proteins or particles from the cell surface to the interior.

Morphology Analysis

Measure cellular and nuclear morphology to quantify shape change.Picture7


Measure molecular trafficking to organelles or the co-localization of cell surface or nuclear proteins.

Cell-Cell Interaction

Measure the accumulation of protein at the immune synapse or the inter-cellular boundary during virus-induced cell fusion.

Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Enhance cell cycle analysis with a mitotic index derived from nuclear morphology.

DNA Damage and Repair

Rapidly and objectively measure the characteristic nuclear staining of DNA repair proteins.

Cell Death and Autophagy

Quantify DNA fragmentation, the hallmark of apoptosis, and quantify LC3 clustering, the hallmark of autophagy.

Spot Counting

Quantify the number of discrete spots in images.