The field of nanotechnology is broad and includes studies performed in cells with materials from 1 to 100 nanometers. Many different types of experiments are being perfomed in cells with nanomaterials such as the uptake and intracellular fate of nanoparticle-drug delivery vehicles, or antibody functionalized capsules to name a few. The ImageStream is uniquely configured to detect and localize these small particles in cells.


Quantification and localization of carbon-based nanomaterials

using the ImageStreamX® Imaging Flow Cytometer

   Imaging flow cytometry analysis of CNT uptake by EC – Examples of images captured by ImageStreamX on the bright-field, FITC, and dark-field channels and their overlays for EC labeled with 50 μg/mL of CNTs. Black spots on bright-field images show colocalization with the bright spots on dark-field images:

Marangon et al A