LemnaTec scanalyzer3D HT system opens new prospects for the quantitative, non-destructive analysis of different crops or model plants using automatic conveyor belts for  high-throughput imaging, watering and weighing. Each plant is imaged sequentially in multiple scanalyzer3D camera units, employing different wavelengths that reach far beyond human vision. The result is an unprecedented number of reproducible and significant data points on any aspect of plant development.

Data will be collected continuously and recorded in one snapshot per run through the -Scanalyzer3D, thus routinely producing 15 or more images and several hundred data points per plant and run. Plants are imaged in multiple runs throughout their entire life cycle. All data is available in the database within minutes of imaging – for unparalleled monitoring of dynamic plant development. Comprehensive quantitative representation of plants in datasets generates special data for physiological and genetic plant modeling to identify and quantify the concealed parameters that really control plant development. Such deep insights into plant biology accelerate phenomics and enable plant breeding to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

scanalyzer 3D HT