Advancing the Limits of Molecular Imaging

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is the first molecular imaging technique simultaneously capable of: nanomolar sensitivity, absolute quantitation, resolution independent of depth, and with tracer detection from weeks to months.

MPI is a new imaging modality that directly detects iron oxide nanoparticle tracers using time varying magnetic fields. Because the tracer is not normally found in the body, MPI images have exceptional contrast and high sensitivity.

The MPI technique is straight forward and can be described classically with three key concepts:
1. Magnetic Nanoparticles Align with an Applied Magnetic Field
2. A Strong Magnetic Field Gradient Produces a Field Free Point (FFP)
3. Rapidly Moving the FFP Selectively “Flips” SPIO’s, Inducing a Signal in a Receive Coil

Figure 2

Absolute Quantitation

MPI is a positive contrast modality and measures an absolute linear quantitation of SPIO particles regardless of depth. This is key to longitudinal and reproducible data.

Figure 3