Isoelectric point determination of powder suspensions

StabiSizer PrincipleSedimentation is often the limiting factor for doing particle charge characterization of particle dispersions. In the experimental set-up of the Stabino®, mixing of the sample AND measurement of the particle interface potential are done simultaneously. Not only the potential can be determined. The particle charge analyzer Stabino® is particularly useful to make quick titrations to or through the isoelectric point.








Synthesis of microgels by precipitation polymerisation in a reactor at varying process conditions monitored by a nano size measuring probe

The radical polymerisation takes place at 70°C  to obtain a microgel. The reaction starts at 60 nm particle size and is finished after 5 minutes at 110 nm. Realization at the LLT of RWTH Aachen in cooperation with the DWI in Krefeld.

Synthesis of microgels