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Photon System Instruments (PSI)

PhotonSystems Instruments (PSI):

Leading suppliers of professional instruments for plant science, Biotechnology, and Agriculture.

PSI products include:

  • Portable Field Devices: A wide range of handheld, battery-powered devices for various laboratory and field applications of fluorescence measurement, reflectance and spectrometry, including photosynthesis parameters, nitrogen content, light quality and more.

Pocket-Sized Instruments

  • Chlorophyll and GFP fluorescence imaging devices, fluormeters for plants and algae, and PAM fluorescence measurement.



  • Thermoluminescence Systems


  • Photobioreactors for controlled culture of algae and cyanobacteria and algatrons.

Algatrons and Bioreactors


  • Plant growth chambers and High-performanceLED Light Sources.

Growth chambers, and LED solutions


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