Photon Systems Instruments (PSI) offers a wide range of instrumentation for various aspects of plant sciences, from plant culture to precise monitoring of physiological parameters and imaging solutions for plants under different treatments and stress conditions.

Merkel Technologies supply a broad range of PSI’s products for plant fluorescence and thermoluminescence, solutions for plant (and algae) cultivation from growth chambers to lighting solutions, and portable and handheld field devices.

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  • Portable Field Devices: A wide range of handheld, battery-powered devices for various laboratory and field applications of fluorescence measurement, reflectance and spectrometry, including photosynthesis parameters, nitrogen content, light quality and more.

Pocket-Sized Instruments

  • Chlorophyll and GFP fluorescence imaging devices, fluormeters for plants and algae, and PAM fluorescence measurement.



  • Thermoluminescence Systems


  • Photobioreactors for controlled culture of algae and cyanobacteria and algatrons.

Algatrons and Bioreactors


  • Plant growth chambers and High-performanceLED Light Sources.

Growth chambers, and LED solutions