Photon Systems Instruments (PSI) are leading suppliers of professional instruments for plant science,
Biotechnology, and Agriculture – including unique instruments for marine algae research.

PSI products for marine algae research and aquaculture include fluorescence and thermoluminescence monitoring devices, as well as a range of equipment for cultivation and production.

PSI growth chambers, LED lighting sources and LED-integrated culture shelves provide excellent solutions for the culture not only of algae, but also of insects, zooplankton, and any small organism which requires particular controlled culture conditions.


Portable Field Devices for algae research: the AquaPens

Handheld, battery-powered devices for laboratory and field applications.
The portable AquaPens allow rapid measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence in suspensions and natural waters.

Cryptophytic red layers in waterbodies separating from the White Sea

AquaPenAquaPen-C AP-C 100


Additional Fluorescence and Thermoluminescence Systems    

  • Algal Online Monitor: a portable and robust device for online detection and continuous monitoring of photosynthetic microorganisms

Algal Online Monitor


  •  PSI’s Thermoluminescence Systems investigate the structure of  energetic levels in the Photosystem II in algal or cyanobacterial suspensions.



Algae Cultivation

  • Photobioreactors for the controlled culture of algae or cyanobacteria in suspension and measuring of various experimental parameters (e.g. temperature, fluorescence,  pH, O 2 ).

Photobioreactor FMT 150Multi-Cultivator MC 1000Large-Scale Photobioreactors


Controlled culture of algae, insect, zooplankton and more


  • PSI FytoScopes are growth chambers that provide defined environment for controlled plant growing. They are manufactured in several versions that differ in size – from small, space-saving models to large, step-in units. All FytoScopes are equipped with a programmable controller that enables customers to create programs and to automate changes to operating parameters – timing, light, temperature, and, humidity. All FytoScopes may be furnished with an additional fluorescence module measuring main fluorescence parameters. Step-in units enable data download to a PC via the USB cable.

New records of the genus Gambierdiscus in marginal seas of the Indian Ocean

Fytoscope Chamber FS 130 Fytoscope Chamber FS 360


  • PSI AlgaeTrons are incubated shakers that provides well-defined culture conditions for growing algae and cyanobacteria in Petri dishes or Erlenmeyer flasks. They are equipped with a programmable controller that enables the customer to write protocols and to automate changes to operating parameters – timing, light, temperature and shaking speed.


AlgaeTron AG 130 - Inside ViewAlgaeTron AG 230



  • LED Light Sources and cultivation shelves: High-performance light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are easily controllable in timing and intensity, optionally supplied with  the Light Controller or Light Studio Software, and shelves with integrated LED systems.

LED Light SourceLED Fyto-Panel - Version BCultivation Shelves