Cytek’s QbSure System Keeps You Up To Date On Your Cytometer’s Performance

By using Cytek’s validation beads and our innovative QbSure performance tracking software, you can feel confident that your cytometer is performing consistently.


QbSure Features:

  • Easy to use – 1) Select your instrument configuration 2) Select your bead file 3) View your report
  • Automatic gating and peak selection – pick your file and QbSure does the rest
  • Track multiple instruments
  • Monitor performance over time, including background and resolution limit for all channels
  • Compatible with FCS files recorded with Cytek cytometer upgrades (xP, DxP) using FLOWJO® Collectors’ Edition software, and BD cytometers using CellQuest™ or FACSDiVa™ software.
  • For use with Cytek’s QbSure Multipeak Cytometer Validation beads.