Simoa - Single Molecule Arrays – is really one of these “elegantly simple” tricks that makes a huge difference.

Quanterix actually do a standard sandwich immunoassay – on a bead……similar to other technologies - but their HD-1 analyzer then isolates the individual beads in each of 216,000 individual femtoliter wells, only one bead per well. If the bead has found an analyte molecule - it will light up.

The individual positive wells versus negative wells are then counted -providing a digital reading of the number of protein molecules in the original sample. Using this technology, one can theoretically detect single molecules.

Notice the Simoa level of detection, indicated as a black bar in the graphic above. Note this is well below the current accepted healthy range for each of the analytes, indicated in the graph in orange.

A wide range of proteins, DNA, RNA, etc. may thus be detected at ultra-sensitive levels in blood, urine, CSF or other body fluids.

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