The SP6800 Spectral Analyzer is Sony Biotechnology Inc.’s newest innovative life science system fundamentally expanding the way cell and biomarker analysis can be performed. This system incorporates a unique optical bench, Blu-ray™ disc technology, and advanced algorithms to deliver some of the most accurate and precise data available. The SP6800 Spectral Analyzer also introduces new Flow Point technology to analyze core stream and sample event location within the flow cell. To improve accuracy of data, this system also provides unique functions to display and analyze cellular autofluorescence and allows the user to easily automatically remove.

With a unique optical design, the SP6800 Spectral Analyzer can utilize more advanced and powerful analysis techniques to more accurately determine various emission colors and thus phenotypes of samples. In addition, this system captures and allows the user to either remove interfering autofluorescence backgrounds or actually analyze a sample autofluorescence without labeling.

The novel optical path includes 3 detection systems (Scatter, FlowPoint, and Fluorescence), a unique prism array and 32 channel PMT, which collects all emitted light while eliminating the need for bandpass filters. These provide the researcher with new and highly accurate data previously unavailable by conventional flow cytometry systems.