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Our team has been performing in vivo imaging for almost two decades using a wide range of imaging modalities. This, across a varied selection of imaging applications and animal models - including:mice, rats , fish, plants and more. Our experience includes over 16 years of experience in selling, installing and supporting the IVIS™ range of in vivo imaging systems - ever since their first days - first at Xenogen, then at Caliper Lifesciences and finally at Perkin Elmer.


The IVIS™ imaging systems were designed by Xenogen and Caliper Lifesciences, offering great technology for that time. Several ex-Xenogen/Caliper Lifesciences engineers - who were involved in the design of the original IVIS™ system, set out on a mission several years ago to develop a new in vivo imaging system that would overcome some of the IVIS™ system limitations, while adding several unique benefits. All these improvements were implemented using latest technology, making the Spectral Instruments Imaging AmiHT(X) and Lago(X) imaging systems the only imaging systems to offer these unique and novel features.


You need a combination of exquisite sensitivity, great resolution, a large field of view that accommodates multiple mice together with powerful image acquisition and analysis software - yet software that is free to be used by all your colleagues and collaborators, at no extra cost!

Lago/LagoX System:
The Lago (and X‐Ray capable Lago X) optical imaging system provides a powerful and flexible in vivo imaging capability suitable for imaging cores, specialist researchers and small teams, delivering an unmatched 10 mouse capacity across all 3 modalities: BLI, FLI and X‐Ray.
Using Lago and Lago X, researchers in pharma, academia, biotech as well as global CROs can conduct optical imaging for studying of small animal disease model progression, response to therapy, and cell migration in‐vivo.
The cutting edge patented LED based illumination and Faint Signal detection system provide unprecedented on-platform excitation power and previously unattained sensitivity for FLI and BLI. The Lago and Lago X are also suited where early detection and marking disease progression is of value.
The Lago and Lago X come equipped for the largest native field of view (FOV) on the market based on comparable products from other vendors (for example – the IVIS® Spectrum).
In fact the Lago and Lago X provides an industry leading 25 cm x 25 cm field of view (FOV) for BLI and FLI. In addition the Lago X provides a 25cm x 22cm FOV for X‐Ray.

Ami HT and Ami HTX System:

The Ami HT and Ami HTX come equipped for the largest native FOV on the market based on comparable products from other vendors (for example – at 25cm x 17 cm it handily out performs the IVIS® Lumina III).
Other products aspire to widen their FOV by using a corrective expansion lens, which by the laws of physics will reduce the sensitivity dramatically.  Not the Ami HT - which delivers a native FOV of 25cm x 17cm, easily imaging 5 mice at a time.
In fact, the Ami HTX provides an outstanding 25cm x 15cm FOV for X-Ray as well. When compared with a Lumina XRMS (10cm x 10cm) the Ami HTX provides a stunning 375% FOV advantage. None of the other manufacturers have anything close to this powerful combination of sensitivity and multi-modal FOV.


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