Glenbrook 2D x-ray systems create magnified, real-time x-ray images of the broadest range of subjects; with the highest resolution and lowest radiation levels.


Glenbrook Technologies has developed and patented the MXRA® real-time x-ray imaging camera with unmatched resolution, sensitivity and reliability.

Glenbrook’s MXRA® technology has been tailored to provide various solutions in biological research and development, medical device inspection, material sciences, geology, security and more.

The patented x-ray imaging technology enables real time inspection of objects which can be recorded as video or as highly resolved static images.

Flat panel imaging cannot provide this type of imaging.

The object can be manually moved, rotated and manipulated while viewing the image in real time.

This unique technology can be used to inspect microstructures and defects in a wide range of materials: Plastics • Rubber • Ceramics • Silicones • Titanium • Steel • Bio-materials

Nacre Pearls X-ray

Pearl-5 annoted

Pearl Inspection by Glenbrook’s X-ray Technology


High detail, variable magnification, x-ray imaging for medical devices


Some of Glenbrook’s instruments that can be used to inspect the microstructures/defects/abnormalities/impurities in a large range of materials and devices: