With decades of experience, Merkel Technologies is known as the go to company when it comes to flow cytometry and cell sorting. We represent Sony Biotechnology and Apogee Flow systems (A50 micro) for unique reliable systems with added values over our competition.


The EC800 is a user friendly benchtop flow cytometry analyzer system. The system comes with an automated sample loader which accommodates 12x75mm tubes, Eppendorf tubes, Microcentrifuge tubes, and over 10 standard plate formats ranging from 24 to 384 wells for flat, V, U-bottom in both standard and deep well configurations. They system can be field upgraded to up to 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, 642) and 6 colors.


Compact and user friendly (can be operated by anyone including students and does not require a specialist user like other cell sorting systems!) the SH800 makes cell sorting accessible for the individual lab, not only for the core facilities. The system uses unique patents from Sony Corp to give a fully automated easy to use system.



The latest from Sony Biotechnology is the SP6800 – Spectral Analyzer. The SP6800 is a great innovation in the flow cytometry field enabling spectral finger printing of your fluorophores enabling you to use tens of different fluorescent markers even with spectral close emission peaks.
The addition of spectral unmixing allowing you to get real fluorescent signals without the tissue’s auto fluorescence. The SP6800 is unique and is breaking the known limits of flow cytometry making multiplexing easy and accurate.

Apogee Flow A50 Micro

a50 micro


The A50 micro is a unique flow cytometry analyzer designed specifically for small particle applications such as microbiology, virology, micro particles and exosomes, micelles, platelets and more. The A50 micro has extreme sensitivity and resolution from multiple light scatter and fluorescence detectors.

With extreme sensitivity the A50 Micro can detect particles as small as 100 nm with 10 nm resolution with flexibility of up to 100µm samples and up to 3 spatially separated lasers and 12 optical detectors, the A50 is the first of its kind.