The EC800 Cell Analyzer provides flexible and user-friendly options for a multitude of fluorochrome choices through use of non-dedicated PMT’s, visibly labeled filter sets for absorption and emission spectra, a variety of included sample acquisition formats, and on-board sample preparation.

Laser Engine






Featuring the Omicron LightHUB™ Laser Engine, the EC800 offers a compact, rugged, and field upgradeable laser configuration design. One to four different wavelengths (405 nm,  488 nm, 561 nm, 642 nm) can be combined for precise excitation delivery to the flow cell.



User-Defined and Scalable PMTs

Offering far-Red sensitive PMT’s in all channels, the EC800 Analyzer’s co-linear laser system enables non-dedicated PMT arrangements. Users can start with a four PMT system, and add upgrades as budget and application needs expand.

Automated Sample Loader

The autoloader accommodates 12x75mm tubes, Eppendorf tubes, Microcentrifuge tubes, and over 10 standard plate formats ranging from 24 to 384 wells for flat, V, U-bottom in both standard and deep well configurations.


Aperture Impedance (Electronic Volume)

Electronic Volume (EV) is measured by relative changes in impedance during sample acquisition to accurately size cells and particles as they pass through the flow cell.