SH800 is a newly developed instrument that achieves fully automated measurement setup, compact size and affordable price.

Conventional cell sorters require adjustment of optical axis, droplet formation, side stream adjustment, decision of delay time by a dedicated operator. However, SH800 eliminates the need for these tasks. Also, the adoption of a plastic chip sorting, washing operation is no longer time-consuming. In addition, we have achieved a small 1/3 compared to conventional products by taking advantage of the integrated technology and compact mechanical design technology cultivated in the Blu-ray optical techniques.

As “personal” cell sorter, the SH800 will contribute to improvement of the workflow efficiency, and cost reduction for everyone including customers who heavily use the sorter for their research.

Fully-automPicture3ated detection and sorting features for cell information

SH800 features fully-automated adjustment of the laser beam optical axis and the electrical timing for sorting, thus eliminating the need for complicated setup procedures and adjustments.

Setup is easily accomplished without a specialist operator, thus enabling researchers to dramatically improve their workflow efficiency.




Contained within the small frame of the SH800 is an extremely flexible design to accommodate a wide range of needs.

The integrated laser engine houses up to 4 lasers, providing excitation lines of 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 638 nm, which are combined and delivered through a single fiber. 6 freeform PMTs allow for the detection of fluorescence signals from any laser based on filter selection.