Cellvizio Dual Band incorporates color into the state of the art in vivo molecular imaging system. This allows researchers to visualize both invaluable anatomical and functional information.


The system features:

  • Real time, Simultaneous imaging at 488 nm and 660 nm
  • A broad range of flexible microprobes for diverse and combined applications
  • High sensitivity
  • Acquire, Quantify and Export


The Cellvizio Dual Band offers researchers enhanced analysis opportunities through the utilization of contrasting agents while maintaining the same ground-breaking microscopic resolution as the family of Cellvizio probes used clinically today.



Cellvizio Lab provides mini-invasive access any organ or tissue thanks to its ground-breaking micro-invasive microprobes. The applications range from cancer research to neuroscience, and include diverse subjects such as immunology, inflammation, functional imaging, or biomarker distribution.

Cellvizio Dual Band in vivo monitors colocalization and highlights cellular interactions as well as structure-function correlations.

Thanks to its widely used wavelengths, Cellvizio is compatible with many fluorescent dyes and proteins. Molecular markers like AvB3 Integrin dyes, Sytox Green, GCaMP3, (Neuronal function imaging) are just a few examples.


Structure – function imaging

Colocalization and interactions

Functional imaging


Animal model validation

Longitudinal studies


Deep brain imaging on awake animals

Molecular imaging of cancer mechanisms

in vivo histology and histopathology