Merkel Technologies promotes the upscale of preclinical medical research to the translational research level.

When high-end technologies that are used in model animal research can be applied in humans, this facilitates the advancement of research from benchside to bedside.

  • The MSOT Acuity from iThera Medical is a cinical system based on their unique real-time Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT). The Acuity visualizes intrinsic tissue contrast, blood oxygenation, melanin, lipids and chromophores that are already FDA-approved for clinical use (i.e. ICG, methylene blue), thus circumventing the major bottleneck of new imaging technologies with the potential to accelerate clinical propagation  (CE mark for clinical use of this product is expected in early 2017!)
  • The G-SPECT from MiLabs is a highly advanced high performance full-ring SPECT system that is being developed for clinical use. At <3 mm isotropic resolution, the clinical G-SPECT will be used in groundbreaking applications.