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    All Technologies

    For over 22 years, Merkel Technologies have been providing medical,
    life sciences, material, plant and marine researchers, academic and
    research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
    with advanced instrumentation for analysis, characterization, imaging
    and sorting cells, particles, nanoparticles – as well as for imaging small animal models and objects in a variety of imaging modalities, including Bioluminescence, Fluorescence, micro-CT and Opto-Acoustical imaging.

    We work hard to maintain our reputation for providing high quality,
    robust instruments based on cutting-edge technology – thus enabling
    our customers to accelerate their research and development processes.

    Quality technical support that we provide ensures that research work is uninterrupted, while the application support we extend – even far past
    the purchase date of the instrument, helps to choose optimal conditions
    for running your research projects.

    Imaging Systems

    Bioluminescence, Fluorescence, X-Ray, Opto-Acoustic Ultrasound Imaging Systems for small animals, plants, materials, medical devices, electronic components and PCB’s.

    Cell and Particles

    Cell and Particle Characterization and Imaging