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    Nanoparticle Characterization

    Overview and technology

    Nanoparticles are used in a wide range of fields such as medicine, material engineering, food technology, electronics, and more. Due to their small size dedicated technology is required to measure and characterize their different attributes such as size and electrical properties. 

    Particle Metrix and Colloid Metrix manufacture instruments for characterizing size distribution, concentration, surface charge (zeta potential), conductivity, and changes of these parameters under different physical and chemical conditions.

    Use cases

    Biologically derived nanoparticles such as exosomes are used as therapeutic agents and as disease biomarkers but it is difficult to differentiate between the different populations that exist in serum/CSF/plasma/saliva. The ZetaView system is designed for high-resolution separation of these populations based on small size differences, surface charge, and fluorescently marked surface epitopes.

    For highly concentrated uniform nanoparticles, like ones used in material engineering, the NanoFlex II combined with the Stabino II gives the ideal solution for measuring changes in particle size and electric properties under continuous pH change. This mapping of particle behavior assists in setting ideal conditions for self-assembly/agglomeration/segregation, storage, and more.

    Unique benefits:

    Particle Metrix and Colloid Metrix provide a total solution for nanoparticle characterization with fast accurate results and easy to use workflow – with unique advantages as compared to other instruments on the market.