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    Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is a non-invasive technique used to measure the size range of nano-particles. Utilizing more advanced models, it is also possible to reach below 1nm.

    How does it work?

    In a DLS measurement instrument, A laser beam is directed at a sample containing the investigated particles . The beam hits the molecules, light scatters, and the detector measures the scattering intensity. That’s when Doppler broadening kicks in: the Brownian motion of the particles leads to the scattered light either separate into mutually destructive phases that cancel each other out, or mutually constructive phases producing a signal that can be detected. A digital autocorrelator matches intensity fluctuations with time. By deducing intensity fluctuation frequency,  the diffusion behavior of macromolecules can then be extracted. Intensity fluctuation analysis enables extraction of the velocity of the Brownian motions, and particle size deduction (utilizing the Strokes-Einstein equation).

    Typically, it is used to characterize the particles and molecules dissolved in fluid. In addition to determining size, advanced software can shed light on the stoichiometry of protein to protein interactions, identify aggregating compounds or non-specific inhibitors and thereby empower protein characterization and assay troubleshooting.

    Utilizing the Merkel NanoFlex II provides several benefits:

    • Reliable particle size assessment within moments
    • Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering to optimize DLS resolutions and enable independent angular size results.
    • Consumable free peak particle concentration measurement.
    • Identify sizes ranging from  1nm to 10um
    • Low sample volume requirement.

    In addition to the advantages of the Merkel NanoFlex II, you can enjoy unparalleled support from Merkel in adapting the device to the specific research aim of your lab, saving you valuable research time.

    We're Here To Help

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