The ScanalyzerHTS– options for high-content screening and phentoyping of small plants or organisms. From petri dishes to multi-well plates, trays and plant pots- ScanalyzerHTS has the flexibility for low- to high-throughput screening and phenotyping applications.

The ScanalyzerHTS is the preferred option for the analysis of small plants or organisms in multi-well plates or trays. The closed cabinet – containing backlight/direct or diffuse top light illumination as well as fluorescent imaging with blue light excitation – guarantees reproducible imaging conditions for all camera types provided by LemnaTec (VIS, NIR, IR, Fluorescence and Laser Height Profiling). Imaging sensors integrated with LemnaTec’s proprietary control software easily adjust to image varying plant containers and illumination types- from fully grown Arabidopsis rosettes or complete multi-well plates down to single-wells. Precise camera movement and automated tray identification by barcode enable the reliable identification of individual plants or multi-well plates. The LemnaTecScanalyzerHTS platform is able to be situated side-by-side with Growth Chambers, also called Reach-In Chambers, so that trays or pots of smaller plants can easily be screened, quite rapidly, with the ScanalyzerHTS with multiple imaging sensors and quickly returned to the Growth Chamber.

scanalyzer HTS