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    Nuclear Imaging PET/SPECT/CT

    Overview and technology

    Nuclear imaging is broadly used in the clinic for molecular imaging and organ function by detecting emitted radiation from an administered radiotracer. The pre-clinical version manufactured by MiLabs enables high-resolution imaging of PET and SPECT radiotracers in sub-mm resolution (0.35mm for SPECT, 0.6 for PET). Having such powerful technology available for preclinical studies and R&D enables direct transfer of studies from R&D to clinical studies and treatment. With the integration of high-resolution Micro-CT, it is possible to register the molecular images with anatomical referencing at a micronic scale. The Micro-CT images themselves can be analyzed for anatomical structure studies (bones, fat content, lung imaging, and more).

    Use cases

    Nuclear imaging is used today for many applications such as tumor tracking, tissue functionality, antibody tracking, theranostics, and more.

    Unique benefits:

    MiLabs is the only system on the market capable of sub-mm nuclear imaging integrated together with CT and optical imaging for a complete high-resolution solution of molecular and anatomical imaging.

    We're Here To Help

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