PSI FytoScopes are growth chambers that provide defined environment for controlled plant growing. They are manufactured in several versions that differ in size – from small, space-saving models to large, step-in units. All FytoScopes are equipped with a programmable controller that enables customers to create programs and to automate changes to operating parameters – timing, light, temperature, and, humidity. All FytoScopes may be furnished with an additional fluorescence module measuring main fluorescence parameters. Step-in units enable data download to a PC via the USB cable.

  • FytoScope Chamber FS 130 is designed for well-defined growing and monitoring of higher plants. It is equipped with a LED-based light panel that provides high-intensity illumination, which is controllable in its power, spectral composition and temporal modulation.

FytoScope FS 130

  • FytoScope Chamber FS 360 is a growth chamber that is accessible from the top. The LED-based light panel is mounted in the lid. Controllable parameters are temperature and illumination, optionally gas composition.

Arabidopsis Plants Grown in the FytoScope FS 360

  • Step-in Fytoscopes FS-SI provide controlled growing conditions for diverse plants: from Arabidopsis to wheat, corn or rice. Inner environment is preciselly controlled in temperature, humidity as well as light intensity and characteristics. Full range of “day/night” cycles with “dawn/dusk” and “cloudy sky” effects can be programmed. Optionally, basic fluorescence parameters can be monitored.

FytoScope FS-SI 3400

  • Walk-in FytoScope FS-WI is a LED-based growth chamber that provides excellent spectral quality with high irradiance for all plant physiology applications. Due to versatile construction, the FS-WI may be used for growing of diverse plants: from Arabidopsis to wheat, corn or rice.

Walk-In FytoScope FS-WI


Growth Units are chambers that serve for controlled plant cultivation. They are equipped with a multi-color, LED-based illumination panel. Interior emperature can be regulated in the range of +2 to +12 °C above the ambient environment. Featured is also a sophisticated system of air ventilation.

Growth Units


Cultivation Shelves are manufactured with LED-based illumination and they serve for controlled cultivation of plants. Cultivation Shelves are usually equipped with white and FAR LEDs.
The system consists of illuminated shelves (maximum is 8 shelves in one unit) and the control unit Light Controller LC 100. One Light Controller can in parallel control up to 16 Cultivation Shelves. Light Controller enables full light control in intensity, modulation and timing (optional protocols are also available).
The shelves are height-adjustable with 25 mm step. For higher plants, single shelves can be just easily removed from the system. PAR is ranging up to 250 μmol(photon).m-2.s-1 (measured at 30 cm from the LED panel).

Cultivation Shelves   Cultivation Shelves


The LED Light Sources from PSI are arrays of high-performance light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are easily controllable in timing – from microseconds to hours – and intensity – from 1 % to 100 % of total

If supplemented with PSI’s Light Controller LC 100 or Light Studio software, they can operate in multiple regimes: flash, continuous light, harmonically modulated light, or they can work with user-defined modulation.
Both the Light Controller and Light Studio software offer the possibility to create user-defined protocols with light/dark phases and precise control over the light mode, intensity and timing.
Different LED Light Source models vary in the panel size (= illuminated area) and in light color (from UVA to IR).
PSI’s Light Sources can be used as stand-alone units or they can be integrated into other PSI instruments, such as the FluorCams, Photobioreactors, or FytoScope Growth Chambers.

Light Controller LC 200

  • LED Fyto-Panels

LED Fyto-Panels are primarily intended for installation in growth chambers, or for other applications where controlled, large-area illumination is needed.

  • High-intensity light with uniform light distribution.
  • Optionally single color or multi-color series, with each color being separately controllable in intensity.
  • Far red LEDs (735 nm) can be added.
  • External dimensions: 27 x 81 cm or 27 x 41 cm.
  • Delivered with a mechanical rack and a power supply.
  • Can be mounted inside the growth chamber or on a self-built construction system.
  • Require a PC. The basic control – ON/OFF and intensity setting – is performed through a PC program provided.
  • Optionally supplied with the Light Controller or Light Studio Software for precise control of the light mode, timing and intensity via user-defined protocols, as well as special protocols for daylight mimicking/cloudy sky simulation.
  • The basic versions differ in power input and maximum reachable intensity, from 200-1500 (µmol(photon).m-2.s-1 cool white; measured in 1 meter

LED Fyto-Panel  LED Fyto-Panel - Version C


LED Light Sources

  • High light output – up to 3,000 µmol(photon)/m2.s at the distance of 20 cm (customized higher intensities are available)
  • Light intensity and timing control:

– light intensity adjustable from 1 % to 100 % of the output
– basic manual control via the control unit
– precise control via user-defined protocols in the Light Controller LC100 or Light Studio software
– timing adjustable from microseconds (optional) to hours

  • Light regime control (flashes, continuous light, user-defined modulation) via the Light Controller LC 100 or Light Studio (optional)
  • Standard available colors: cool or warm white, blue royal, red-orange (other colors may be available)
  • Tri-color models with added far red LEDs (735 nm) available
  • Longevity of LEDs 6-7 years
  • Automatic cooling of the panel and control unit

LED Light Source    SL 3500 Family