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Merkel Technologies Ltd Appointed as Distributor for De Novo Software FCS Express Software products

With 33 years of experience in all aspects of technical and application support in the field of flow cytometry, cell sorting and flow imaging, Merkel Technologies Ltd are known as the "Go-To" company for customers wishing to implement solutions in cell (and other particle) analysis, sorting, imaging and reporting. We are glad to announce that we have recently reached an agreement with De Novo Software to perform sales and support of their entire suite of software products for flow cytometry and image analysis and reporting. The combination of the unique features offered in the FCS Express software - together with our extensive experience in support of researchers in this exciting field - guarantee flow cytometry users a versatile and robust solution to all their flow cytometry and image analysis and reporting needs. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your flow cytometry needs.

From Nanoparticles through Cells to the Whole Organism (and Beyond)

Merkel Technologies offers a vast range of solutions for the characterization, imaging, monitoring and in-depth research in a variety of fields and applicartions: From nanoparticles, e.g. gold nanorods, protein aggregates or cellular vescicles, through cell and microorganism sorting, imaging and spectral analysis, examination of larger organisms and particles such as nematodes, zooplankton, seeds, fertilizer grains and many more - on to in-vivo imaging in small model animals in preclinical research, as well as ex-vivo/in-vitro non-destructive imaging of biomedical device, bones, insects, plants and their parts, and many more - and all the way to the imaging and moniroring of  agricultural experiments at any scale from lab to greenhouse and field.



Merkel Technologies supplies a wide range of technological solutions : Optical,fluorescence / bioluminescence, radiography, optoacoustics, nuclear medicine, flow cytometry, plant phenotyping and particle characterization. If you have a technological modality in mind, please enter to view a full list of technologies we supply.

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Merkel Technologies supports researchers for all disciplines and research interests. We have compiled application notes in each field to give you the right technological solutions for your specific interest. Enter our Disciplines tab to get a list of technologies and applications relevant for your research.

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Analysis Services


Merkel Technologies uses it’s vast experience with the technologies and the scientific community to give high quality services for those in need from creating the right protocol for your project, data acquisition using our advanced technologies and complete analysis and full reports. We supply services on particle characterization using Brownian motion tracking  and the FlowCAM, in-vivo & ex-vivo 3D modeling using high-resolution uCT, image analysis using LemnaTec software, as well as scientific advisory.

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