Intravital, Two Photon and Unlabeled Live Microscopy provide exquisite high quality cell images, which may subsequently be analyzed using unique software – to provide both qualitative and quantitative data on the tissue and cells being imaged.
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Use Cases
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Unique Benefits
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Intravital microscopy enables dynamic 3D cellular-level imaging of various biological processes in living animals in vivo. It enables scientists to directly verify hypotheses derived from ex vivo or in vitro observations in natural physiological in vivo microenvironments.
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Nanolive’s imaging and analysis platform – the CX-A – is the only solution in the world to offer automated 3D label-free live cell imaging that is compatible with 96-well plates.
* Non-invasive autofocus solution: keeps cells in focus for the time of the experiment.
* Integrated image analysis solution with multi-parametric read-out.
* Long-term imaging of living cells with no perturbations and no contamination in physiological conditions thanks to our dedicated incubation solution. More details here.
* High quality motorized stage with a micron range precision repeatability of motion.
* Stitching feature: allows to analyze highly confluent cell populations containing hundreds of cells while keeping Nanolive’s signature sub-cellular resolution.
* Meaningful correlative imaging: features a fully integrated 3 channel epifluorescence imaging modality.
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