Complete solutions for cell sorting from the lab bench to GMP grade cell manufacturing

Flow Cytometry with full automation and incubation for high throughput experiments

Leaders in high resolution benchtop Micro-CT systems

Leads in industrial micro-ct instruments, from nano resolution to large objects at micron resolution

The leading innovators in Nano Particle Tracking Analysis for multi-parameter exosome analysis

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We provide advanced technologies, instrumentation and reagents that assist researchers in achieving exceptional results. 
We're passionate about helping researchers and companies obtain substantial results - by providing them with unique and advanced that release their R&D bottlenecks and enable them to reach their milestones earlier.

25 years of experience supporting the most advanced labs and R&D in Israel

Personal guidance and support, technical and applicational.

Willingness to perform proof of concepts and experiments for tailoring the best suited solution before purchase

Elite network of world renowned specialists

Research Instrumentation and Reagents

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