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    We're Here To Help

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      Give Your Research The Chance It Deserves!

      We provide advanced technologies, instrumentation and reagents that assist researchers in achieving exceptional results. We're passionate about helping researchers and companies obtain substantial results - by providing them with unique and advanced that release their R&D bottlenecks and enable them to reach their milestones earlier.





      Important thought for today: What technology has potential to catapult your R&D substantially - so as to allow you to reach your milestones earlier?

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      Discuss your R&D challenges with us - No obligation, no cost!

      We have been providing researchers, companies and academic institutes with advanced solutions for characterization, imaging and sorting of nanoparticle, bacteria, virus, cell, algae and other particles - as well as imaging of plants, mice and rats in a variety of imaging modalities. Our global network of application specialists empower us to provide you with the most recent and effective technologies and protocols for obtaining the answers to your most pressing research questions. Contact us to discuss your needs. No cost and no obligation for a first consultation. We are accustomed to working with start up companies and will consider signing an NDA if needed.

      Leading technology. Expert application and technical support.

      We understand that you have no time for experimentation - when it comes to the instruments that you need for your research work. We supply top quality instruments together with friendly and all-encompassing operator training. Add expert technical and application support - and you are ready to go!