Flow imaging is where the sum is greater than its parts.

The combination of highly detailed microscopy and image analysis at a large number of events, providing robust statistics, is a unique tool which is unmatched by the two separateprocesses of FACS and microscopy.

Amnis (Part of EMD Millipore):
The manufacturers of the unique flow imaging systems, protected by many patents, which combine conventional flow cytometry with high-resolution microscopy.

Amnis’ technology provides insight into higher resolution information regarding your molecular probes’ localization (membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus).

With Amnis’ FlowSight / ImageStreamX systems you can use up to 10 molecular probes simultaneously!
Due to the large number of events imaged at a single experiment, it is possible to look into rare populations and events and analyse those to details.

The system has proven ground breaking in fields such as: immunology, signaling pathways, internalization, localization & co-localization, epi-genetics, cell-cell interactions, cell cycle & mitosis, cell death & autophagy, spot counting and more.