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    Infrared camera

    Infrared thermal (IRT) imaging has been used in medicine since 1956 to monitor of skin surface temperature distribution. Its usefulness in vascular, neurological and other pathological situations has been validated. Its advantages are in its non-invasiveness and non-ionizing nature.

    What is Infrared camera?

    Skin temperature assessment provide valuable data on the autonomic nervous system, peripheral blood flow, transpiration, inflammation, vasoconstriction/vasodilatation and other processes associated with skin temperature.

    Analysis of body temperature distribution enables diagnosis of multiple disease patterns. Accordingly, thermography represents a highly flexible procedure. In addition to flexibility and safety thermographic imaging has one additional advantage which is not to be sneered at – it is budget friendly.

    How does Infrared camera work?

    A low temperature stimulus is applied to the body part in question. How rapidly this intervention is balanced out, and in what pattern, indicates the health of the investigated region. This can be used, for example, for early stage detection of breast cancer. Or, to give a completely different example, acupuncturists can use thermographic data to decide where to stick their needles.

    What should I look for when purchasing thermographic equipment?

    The big issue is thermal resolution- the ability of the infrared camera to detect minute differences in temperature. Even minute differences can make all the difference in making a timely and successful diagnosis. Merkel will not only provide you with the highest thermal resolutions, but also with options such as close-up lenses capable of analyzing even the tiniest regions of the body in detail, enabling identification of skin reactions such as temperature changes in the eyes, or perspiration.

    Contact Merkel today to learn more about this exciting technique, and discuss the options that are best for your intended applications – and budget.

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