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    The MA900 is the ‘big-brother’ of the SH800, with the same user-friendliness and flexibility, better sited to immunologists and researchers with complex fluorescent panels – up to 12 fluorescent probes rather than 6 and 2 threshold channels rather than 1. It automatically calibrates and is ready for use within less than 45 min and requires less than a minute of time in front of the system until ready for use. Up to 4 lasers can be installed at 2 contact points, with 12 fluorescent channels excluding FSC and BSC.


    Use cases

    Educational institutions with few professional staff, rather lots of students given the systems’ user-friendly nature

    Non-experts in flow cytometry can use the system simply and efficiently

    System proven reliability and simplicity to solve technical issues, including clogs and bubbles during late-night experiments.

    It can be placed within a hood or other cupboard if work requires BSL-2 or higher level safety.


    Unique benefits

    Samples down to 350nm diameter have been successfully identified based on physical properties.

    Templates can be transferred between systems if a joint project is organised between groups across the globe.


    We're Here To Help

    Please fill out our form,and we’ll get in touch shortly.

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