ID7000 Spectral Cytometry


The ID7000 spectral flow cytometer from Sony Biotechnology revolutionizes the analysis of complex cell populations. Unlike traditional flow cytometers with pre-defined fluorescence channels, the ID7000 leverages cutting-edge spectral detection technology. This approach captures the complete emission spectrum for each fluorescent signal, enabling unparalleled resolution and differentiation of even overlapping fluorochromes. The system boasts industry-leading capabilities with the ability to accommodate up to 8 lasers and run fluorescent panels exceeding 40 colors simultaneously. This translates into an exceptional level of multiplexing, allowing researchers to explore a vast array of cellular markers in a single experiment.

  • Immunophenotyping of Rare Cells: The ID7000's exceptional resolution and spectral unmixing capabilities make it ideal for identifying and characterizing rare cell populations within a heterogeneous sample, even when using multiple closely spaced fluorochromes.
  • Multiplexed Cellular Signaling Analysis: The system's ability to differentiate overlapping dyes facilitates the study of complex signaling pathways involving multiple proteins by allowing researchers to measure the activation status of various signaling molecules simultaneously.
  • Deep Phenotyping of Immune Cells: With its high-parameter capabilities and ability to resolve overlapping fluorochromes, the ID7000 enables researchers to perform deep phenotyping of immune cell populations, providing a more comprehensive understanding of immune response and function.
  • Advanced Cancer Research: The ability to analyze a broad range of cellular markers allows researchers to study tumor heterogeneity, identify novel cancer biomarkers, and develop more targeted therapies.
  • Neuroscience Research: The ID7000's high-resolution capabilities are valuable for studying complex cellular interactions within the nervous system, allowing researchers to unravel the mechanisms underlying neurological disorders.
  • Spectral Detection: This groundbreaking technology surpasses traditional flow cytometry by capturing the complete emission spectrum for each fluorochrome. This allows for superior resolution and the ability to differentiate even spectrally overlapping dyes, leading to more accurate data and reduced spillover effects.
  • Unmatched Laser Configuration: The ID7000 offers the flexibility to accommodate up to 8 lasers, providing researchers with the ability to excite a wider range of fluorescent probes and expand the scope of their analysis.
  • High-Parameter Analysis: With its capability for running panels exceeding 40 fluorescent colors simultaneously, the ID7000 enables researchers to perform deep phenotyping of cell populations. This comprehensive analysis allows for a more nuanced understanding of cellular heterogeneity and function.
  • Advanced Spectral Unmixing: The high-resolution spectral data, coupled with powerful spectral unmixing algorithms, enables precise separation of signals from individual fluorochromes, even with significant spectral overlap. This eliminates the need for complex compensation procedures and reduces the risk of misinterpreting data due to spillover.
  • Simplified Workflows: The ID7000 streamlines workflows with intuitive software and automated features, making spectral flow cytometry more accessible to researchers of all experience levels.

ID7000 Spectral Cytometry

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