Neoscan N80 Desktop High Resolution Micro CT Scanner


The Neoscan N80 is a high-performance micro computed tomography (micro-CT) system designed for a wide range of research and industrial applications. Some of its key advantages include:

High Resolution Imaging: The N80 can achieve resolutions down to 2 microns "true" low contrast resolution, allowing for detailed 3D visualization and analysis of microscale structures and features.

Versatile Sample Handling: The system accommodates a variety of sample sizes, from small specimens just a few millimeters across up to larger samples up to 100mm in diameter and up to 130mm in length. This makes it suitable for imaging everything from biological samples to engineered materials.

Fast Scanning: Rapid scan times, as low as 15 minutes for some samples, enable high-throughput analysis and time-series studies.

User-Friendly Software: The intuitive Neoscan software provides a streamlined interface for setting up scans, reconstructing 3D data, and performing advanced visualization and analysis.


In terms of applications, the Neoscan N80 micro-CT scanner is well-suited for research and testing in fields such as:

Materials science - Imaging the internal microstructure of engineered materials, ceramics, polymers, composites, etc.
Life sciences - Studying the 3D anatomy and morphology of small biological specimens like small animals, plants, or tissue samples.
Geology/Paleontology - Analyzing the detailed structure of rock, mineral, and fossil samples.
Nondestructive testing - Inspecting manufactured parts and products for defects, porosity, inclusions, and other internal characteristics.

The system's combination of high resolution, flexible sample handling, and efficient workflow make the Neoscan N80 a versatile micro-CT imaging solution for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. It includes an integrated micro-positioning stage for easy and rapid sample centering and active artifact suppression.

Options include a 24 position automated sample changer that can greatly enhance the system's throughput and efficiency.

The sample changer allows for unattended, sequential scanning of all loaded samples. This enables batch processing and high-throughput analysis. A variety of sample holders and fixtures are available to securely mount different types of specimens on the turntable. The sample changer is fully integrated with the Neoscan software, allowing users to easily program the scanning sequence and parameters for each sample.

Neoscan N80 Desktop High Resolution Micro CT Scanner

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