Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer 96Focus


Nanolive’s imaging and analysis platform – the CX-A – is the only solution in the world to offer automated 3D label-free live cell imaging that is compatible with 96-well plates.

* Non-invasive autofocus solution: keeps cells in focus for the time of the experiment.

* Integrated image analysis solution with multi-parametric read-out.

* Long-term imaging of living cells with no perturbations and no contamination in physiological conditions thanks to our dedicated incubation solution. More details here.

* High quality motorized stage with a micron range precision repeatability of motion.

* Stitching feature: allows to analyze highly confluent cell populations containing hundreds of cells while keeping Nanolive’s signature sub-cellular resolution.

* Meaningful correlative imaging: features a fully integrated 3 channel epifluorescence imaging modality.


Cytotoxicity Assays:

Dose-response curves provide important pharmacodynamic properties (efficacy, potency, toxicity, and lethality) for evaluating the performance of candidate drugs in the discovery pipeline. Half maximal effective concentration (EC50) values are a standard indicator of drug potency, but the robustness and reproducibility of EC50 values generated using current methods is low.

The non-invasive nature of label-free imaging means cells can be continuously monitored, over infinite periods of time, which allows kinetic EC50 values to be calculated. Kinetic EC50 values provide information about a drug’s stability; whether a drug’s potency increases or decreases over time.

Lipid Droplets:

Lipid droplets are dense lipid stores in the cytoplasm, that play a role in metabolic regulation. They are translucent and cannot be detected using traditional light microscopy without using dyes. However, they have a high refractive index, so can be detected label-free using Nanolive imaging, confirmed by correlative fluorescence imaging. The Smart Lipid Droplet Assay (SDLA) segments lipid droplets and cell boundaries automatically to quantify changes in lipid droplets over time.

Mitochondria and Cell Metabolism:

Changes in mitochondrial morphology are good indicators of cell health. Nanolive offers the only tool able to image these organelles, their finest dynamics and interactions with other organelles (e.g. lipid droplets) marker-free and for long periods of time enabling researchers to extract more in-depth information about mitochondrial and cell health - including visualizing mitochondria dynamics: fission, fusion, and the mitochondrial network.


Oncology and Immuno-Oncology:

Nanolive technology allows to visualize the changes in cell morphology and behaviour that occur during interactions between immune cells and cancer cells at all stages of the disease process, from invasion, migration and metastasis, to cell death. Quantitative analyses of cell proliferation across time can also be performed enabling researchers to compare how cancer cells respond to different antibodies or immune checkpoint inhibitors. The LIVE T Cell Assay is the first multi-parametric, label-free live immuno-oncology assay that is able to measure and characterize in one experiment how T cells find, bind, stress, kill and serial kill their targets and to select the best T cell therapy on living cells.

Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer 96Focus

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