Xarion Laser Acoustics


XARION Laser Acoustics stands out as a pioneering Austrian high-tech company specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative, laser-based acoustic sensors. Their patented technology, the optical microphone, disrupts the field of ultrasonic inspection by offering a novel, contact-free approach.

  • Non-Contact Inspection: Unlike traditional ultrasonic testing methods that require physical contact with the sample, XARION's technology utilizes light to generate and detect ultrasound waves. This eliminates the need for couplants (gels) and minimizes the risk of sample damage, making it ideal for delicate materials or applications requiring sterile environments.
  • Unprecedented Bandwidth: The XARION optical microphone boasts an exceptionally broad ultrasonic frequency bandwidth, exceeding the capabilities of conventional piezoelectric transducers. This allows researchers and quality control professionals to detect a wider range of acoustic features within the material under inspection, leading to more comprehensive and informative data.
  • Miniaturization Potential: The innovative design of the optical microphone opens doors for miniaturization possibilities. This paves the way for the development of smaller, more portable ultrasonic inspection tools suitable for various in-line and remote sensing applications.
  • Material Versatility: XARION's technology functions effectively on a wide range of materials, including air, liquids, and solids. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for diverse inspection needs across various industries.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The system offers real-time data acquisition, enabling continuous monitoring of ongoing processes. This allows for immediate feedback and process adjustments, improving production efficiency and quality control.
  • Acoustic Quality Monitoring in Laser Material Processing: XARION's technology helps optimize laser cutting, welding, and drilling processes by providing real-time feedback on the quality of the laser-material interaction. This ensures consistent results and minimizes defect rates.
  • In-Line Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing: The system offers valuable insights into the additive manufacturing process, allowing for defect detection and quality control during the printing process itself.
  • Intelligent Monitoring of Production Lines and Machines: XARION's technology can be integrated into production lines for real-time monitoring of machinery and equipment. Early detection of potential issues allows for preventive maintenance, reducing downtime and production costs.
  • Water-Free Ultrasonic Material Inspection: The system eliminates the need for water-based couplants, making it ideal for applications where water usage is undesirable or impractical. This opens doors for inspections in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for inspections in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Medical Imaging Applications: XARION's technology holds promising potential for medical imaging applications, offering the possibility of non-invasive, high-resolution ultrasound imaging for various diagnostic purposes.

Xarion Laser Acoustics

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