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    Xarion – Non Contact 2D/3D Ultrasound Inspection

    Overview and technology

    XARION Laser Acoustics provides novel, laser-based acoustic sensors. The patented technology of the optical microphone enables contact-free ultrasound measurements with an unprecedented frequency bandwidth. Our solutions set new standards in acoustic in-line quality monitoring and water-free ultrasonic material inspection.

    Use cases

    Non-Destructive Testing

    • Automotive: spot-weld inspection without coupling fluid
    • Aerospace: quality control of carbon fiber composites (CFRP)
    • Semiconductor: non-contact end-of-line testing

    Process Monitoring

    • Acoustic quality monitoring for laser material processing
    • Real-time monitoring of additive manufacturing processes
    • Intelligent in-line monitoring of production lines and machines


    More information at: https://xarion.com/en/