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    Pre-clinical Imaging

    Overview and technology

    For many years in-vivo studies were conducted by sacrificing many lab animals at different time/disease points for longitudinal studies. In the past 2 decades, pre-clinical images have provided the possibility to track biological processes within the same animal over time, thus giving better insight and less variability in the studies. Today there are more in-vivo imaging modalities available for pre-clinical work than there are for clinical use, often with increased capabilities. Today pre-clinical imaging is the cornerstone of advanced and biomedical research and promotes transition to clinical studies and therapy.

    Use cases

    Pre-clinical imaging is often used to track pathologies over time. The most common uses are for tumor tracking and measurement/quantification, disease progression, therapeutic agent tracking for localization, biodistribution, and pharma-kinetics.

    Unique benefits:

    Power your research with quality longitudinal data that is compatible with downstream clinical work.