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Flow cytometry has revolutionized the field of life sciences, allowing researchers to analyze thousands of cells per second. Traditional hydrodynamic focusing systems have paved the way, but today, we’ll explore how the Attune Flow Cytometer, particularly the Attune NxT, takes flow cytometry to the next level.

Understanding Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique used to analyze the characteristics of cells and particles in a fluid as they pass through a laser beam. It provides valuable information about cell size, complexity, and fluorescence, making it an invaluable tool in fields such as immunology, oncology, and stem cell research.

While traditional flow cytometers have been essential, they do come with limitations. Slow data acquisition speeds, complex sample preparation, and potential cell loss have been persistent challenges. Researchers have long sought ways to enhance data quality, and sample throughput rates, and simplify sample preparation.

Enter The Attune Flow Cytometer

The Attune Flow Cytometer, and in particular, the Attune NxT, is a game-changer in the world of flow cytometry.

Let’s dive into how this innovative system addresses the limitations of traditional flow cytometers.

Swift Data Acquisition Speeds 

The Attune NxT boasts significantly higher data acquisition speeds, allowing researchers to analyze samples more quickly and efficiently. This not only saves time but also enhances productivity, enabling the analysis of larger data sets in a shorter time frame.

Effortless Sample Preparation 

One of the key features of the Attune Flow Cytometer is its ability to simplify sample preparation. This is a significant advantage, as traditional methods often require laborious and time-consuming steps. With Attune, researchers can focus more on their experiments and less on sample prep.

Optimized For Stem Cell Preparations

Stem cell research demands precision and accuracy. Attune’s cutting-edge technology ensures that stem cell preparations are handled with care, minimizing cell loss and maximizing the quality of data obtained from these delicate samples.

Multiplexing With Multiple Fluorescent Proteins

Attune Flow Cytometer

The Attune NxT allows for the analysis of multiple fluorescent proteins simultaneously. This is a significant advantage for researchers working with complex samples or studying multiple parameters within a single experiment.

Enhanced Sample Throughput Rates

The Attune Flow Cytometer achieves sample throughput rates that were once considered unattainable with traditional flow cytometers. This means more samples can be processed in a shorter time, accelerating research and discovery.

Improved Data Quality

Data quality is paramount in scientific research. Attune’s precision and accuracy, coupled with its high data acquisition speeds, contribute to improved data quality. Researchers can trust their results, knowing they are based on robust and reliable data.

Minimized Cell Loss 

Attune’s acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing minimizes cell loss during analysis. This is crucial when working with limited or precious samples, ensuring that every cell counts.

Innovative Acoustic Focus

Attune employs acoustic focusing, a cutting-edge technology that precisely aligns particles for analysis. This method is gentle on cells, further minimizing cell loss and maintaining sample integrity.

The Attune Flow Cytometer: A Game-Changer

Attune Flow Cytometer

The Attune Flow Cytometer, specifically the Attune NxT Flow Cytometer, is a game-changer in the world of flow cytometry. It addresses several critical aspects of flow cytometry, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and versatile.

1. Enhanced Data Acquisition Speeds

One of the standout features of the Attune Flow Cytometer is its remarkable data acquisition speeds. Compared to traditional systems, it offers significantly higher sample rates, which means researchers can collect data faster and more efficiently.

2. Simplifies Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is often a time-consuming and intricate process in flow cytometry. However, the Attune system simplifies this step, saving researchers valuable time. It minimizes cell loss, ensuring that precious samples are not wasted.

3. Ideal for Stem Cell Preparations

Stem cell preparations are notoriously delicate, requiring the utmost precision. The Attune Flow Cytometer’s capabilities make it an ideal choice for working with stem cells. Its gentle yet efficient processes help maintain the integrity of these precious cells.

4. Multiplexing With Multiple Fluorescent Proteins

Researchers frequently need to use multiple fluorescent proteins to analyze different markers in a single sample. The Attune Flow Cytometer makes multiplexing easier, allowing for the simultaneous detection of various markers in a single run.

5. Acoustic Assisted Hydrodynamic Focusing

Traditional systems rely on hydrodynamic focusing, which can sometimes lead to issues such as clogging and inconsistencies. The Attune system employs acoustic focusing, a more precise method that minimizes these problems.

6. Remarkable Sample Throughput Rates

Achieving high sample throughput rates is essential in many research settings. The Attune Flow Cytometer achieves sample throughput rates that were previously difficult to attain, making it suitable for high-throughput experiments.

7. Improved Data Quality

Data quality is paramount in flow cytometry. The Attune system’s advanced technology ensures that the data collected is of the highest quality, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the accuracy of results.


The Attune Flow Cytometer, especially the Attune NxT, has revolutionized flow cytometry. With its impressive data acquisition speeds, simplified sample preparation, and the ability to handle stem cell preparations and multiple fluorescent proteins, it’s no wonder that researchers are turning to this innovative system.

Furthermore, the Attune Flow Cytometer significantly enhances sample throughput rates while maintaining high data quality. The use of acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing ensures minimal cell loss, making it a valuable asset in any research laboratory.

In the dynamic world of flow cytometry, the Attune Flow Cytometer stands out as a leader, empowering researchers to attain new heights in their studies and accelerate scientific discovery. It’s a testament to the continuous advancements in technology that enable us to push the boundaries of scientific exploration.

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